Donation of prevention supplies-Love Rice Box
Donated Amount: $50,000

The epidemic of new coronavirus continues, and its economic impact is slowly emerging. Whenever there is an economic crisis in Hong Kong, it is the grassroots who bear the brunt, and even the most basic meals are a problem.
More than 30% of the families receiving CSSA depend on food assistance, and the urgent need to solve the food problem of the grassroots depends on food donations.

Because of this, the Ten-Percent Foundation subscribed to 1786 boxes of anti-epidemic lunchboxes in the Gingko House and donated them to grassroots families. The Gingko House is the first Hong Kong social enterprise established in 2003 to mobilize the employment of the elderly. By operating different types of restaurants, it provides suitable for the elderly who have no support and no support or are looking forward to doing something for the elderly. The working environment and employment opportunities allow them to make good use of their old age, regain their self-confidence, and enjoy a good old age.

The cooperation between the Foundation and The Gingko House can help families affected by the outbreak during the three meals, hoping that each goodwill continues to support the Foundation to help more needy families to give a little warmth and overcome difficulties together.