Volunteer recruitment

As we rarely have an opportunity to help and care the disadvantaged groups in our daily life, we hope to get everyone to participate and support the volunteer services.
Let’s become a part of Ten Percent’s volunteer team! Inspire your potential to serve the community, spares the care and love to the disadvantaged groups.

An award system for volunteers
(1) Volunteers will receive an appreciation certificate issued by us after the services

(2) To recognize the work of volunteers, the Volunteer Movement has developed an award system. Those who have provided 50 hours of service or more in a year
will be awarded a service certificate. For more details, please visit https://www.volunteering-hk.org/tc/aboutvs/vs_offer/vs_recogn.
Register as our volunteer, and join the meaningful volunteer services with us now!

*Download and fill in the volunteer registration form, and send back to us by fax or mail.