College Dream Program

Students from low-income families often face financial difficulties and cannot afford the expensive university tuition fees. Although they have the ability academically to complete their university studies, they cannot fulfill their university dream and improve their lives with a higher education.

In order to help these students to succeed in their university lives, we have partnered with China Youth Development Foundation in setting up “Ten Percent Donation Fund” in support of the “College Dream project” under the name of Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation. Under this program, we sponsor students who come from families that are financially incapable to support their university studies. This program helps these students to fulfill their dream of attending university. We believe that knowledge can change lives. With our support, these students can start at the same line with the others, and can build a better future for themselves and the society.


Student and school representatives of Tianshui Normal University.


Student representatives from Liangping University.


Helping students to fulfill their university dream to make a better future for them