A book conveys a love, a love fulfills a dream, and a dream sets sail for infinite hope!

Donate Children’s Books – Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd

Thanks to Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd for donating children’s books, so that children can read more high-quality books, adding new reading space for students, broadening students’ horizons, and letting students feel the book The joy of learning knowledge.

In the past three years, everyone has stayed at home to fight the epidemic. Children can also make good use of this special time, enrich their knowledge from books, and give children spiritual companionship. Reading supplements the nutrients in our daily life, and also continuously expands the boundaries of our knowledge. We encourage everyone to develop good and continuous reading habits, both at school and at home. Help children improve their language skills and enhance their knowledge outside the classroom. Improve reading interest, broaden horizons and knowledge through reading, and learn to share with others. Teach us to cherish and appreciate the moment we have.

The materials will be distributed to the school children of the foundation’s partner institutions later, and I sincerely thank all the good leaders for their warmth for the grassroots families in the epidemic situation.