2023 Annual Charity Ball

2023 Annual Charity Ball

The 16th Annual Charity Ball of Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation was successfully concluded on 23th November 2023!

This year, for the first time, Ten Percent responded to environmental protection and provided event information electronically. Each dining table is equipped with a matching set and two QR codes printed on it. You only need to scan the QR code with your mobile phone to easily find the contents of this annual report and auction book.
That night, we invited Ms. Sarika Choy to be our MC and sing songs, which boosted the atmosphere and made the party more exciting. Thank you very much for your active participation and generosity. We have received donations of various collections from the charity for charity auction.

This year, we started cooperation with primary schools in Catholic dioceses and jointly organized the ” Ten Percent & Catholic Diocese – Companion Growth Supportive Service” to provide after-school support and growth planning services to primary school students. Ten Percent’s team is fully responsible for the project’s conception, contact with schools, and recruitment of mentors.

At the same time, we also invited several young and promising middle school students to collaborate on designing a series of special courses to allow the primary school students to explore knowledge in different fields. We will continue to work closely with schools and organizations to regularly review and optimize existing service plans to expand service effectiveness.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all sectors of society for their continued support and recognition of the foundation. We will continue to uphold and carry forward the spirit of “十分教育 關愛兒童”. Your donation will help us continue to provide appropriate services and support to children and families in need, and help poor students have richer after-school development.

Again, thank you for all the donors, and look forward to your support in the upcoming year. Your generous help will continue our education services, and benefit more children and their families with education needs.