Resource Governance

Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation treats resource governance as our top priority and have implemented internal control to ensure all donations are used effectively and efficiently. We strictly follow the guidelines from the Best Practice Checklist of Management of Charities and Fund Raising Activities of ICAC (《「慈善機構發籌款活動的管理」防貪錦囊》) and Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (《個人資料(私隱)條例》). We ensure the personal information we collect from our donors are kept confidential and managed appropriately. We are also a charity recognized by WiseGiving (惠施) as we actively provide information to the public to help the donors understand our works and usage of all donations.

Our executive committee holds regular meetings to manage and supervise the usage of all donations. Our financials are audited by Asian Alliance (HK) CPA Limited to ensure the accuracy of our annual report and the truth of our financial status.

Besides, our company secretary joins the regular committee meeting to assist our management and operations. We are also honoured to have Mr. Ko Wai Lun, Warren as our honorary legal advisor to advise us on all legal matters.