Resource Governance

We intend to establish a good governance structure and implement internal control; Very Caring Foundation strictly abides by the guidelines of the “Management of Fundraising Activities for Charitable Organizations” Anti-Corruption Tips provided by the ICAC, as well as the “Personal Data (Private Data) Confidential) regulations to ensure that the personal data of donors or potential donors are kept confidential, and the relevant data is properly used and managed.

The Very Care Foundation has a committee that manages and monitors the operation of various donation projects through regular meetings. Huarong (Hong Kong) CPAs Co., Ltd. is responsible for the annual audit process to ensure that the financial report is correct and truly reflects the financial situation.

In addition, the company secretary also participates in the regular meetings of the committee to assist in the operation and governance of the foundation. Lawyer Gao Weilun is responsible for providing legal advice and guidance to the foundation.