Donation of prevention supplies – CTF VMS Smart City Development Limited


The COVID-19 is raging, and the situation is not clear. Anti-epidemic materials such as masks and hand rubs continue to become daily necessities, but the prices of the materials have not yet stabilized, and it is difficult for the grassroots to bear the long-term expenses. Many communities in Hong Kong are shrouded by persistent epidemics. Although fighting the epidemic is difficult, I am grateful that there are still many caring people around the “epidemic” situation.


Thanks to CTF VMS Smart City Development Limited. for donating 2,400 adult masks a few days ago, so that the foundation can continue to assist grassroots families in need and get enough anti-epidemic materials.

I am sincerely grateful to the good people for contributing money to grassroots families in the epidemic, so that people in need can get a little warmth.


Hong Kong people add oil, fight the epidemic together!