Ten Percent Hope Community

It is very common for parents living in the rural areas of China to move to the cities in order to find better jobs. These parents spend a lot of time at work, and are willing to sacrifice valuable time with their children in return for hopefully better future for the families. As a result, children are often left alone at home without supervision, and their academic results are less than satisfactory.

Our Foundation has sponsored on the establishment of Ten Percent Hope Community in Lengquan Estate in the town of Northwest Wang,Haidian Region, Beijing. The Hope Community includes a community centre with multimedia and audio-visual equipment, library etc, providing various activities to these children who lack daily care and support from their parents. The community centre also provides a proper study environment for these children.

Besides, the community centre helps the children to overcome difficulties apart from schoolwork. For instance, the children may face financial and psychological problems. The centre provides various services such as counseling to the children so they find it easier to make the transition from the countryside to the cities, and help them to build their confidence.

The Hope Community Centre provides excellent environment for children to study.

The Hope Community Centre provides excellent environment for children to study.


Children can learn social skills through various team activities.


The Centre is well equipped to help students study.


Our Chairman in 2011, Mr. Peter Sun, visited the Centre and shared some valuable time with the children.


The Centre does not only focus on academic results, but it aims to help the children develop their skills in all aspects.


The Grand opening of the Ten Percent Hope Community in Lengquan Estate, Beijing.