Donation of prevention supplies-toys and food

The new crown pneumonia epidemic continues. Even though the epidemic has slowed down recently, the chance of cross-infection still exists in the face of resuming work and classes. Food is also rushed into emergency food. However, there are some disadvantaged groups in society that are limited by their own conditions. Going out to search and purchase anti-epidemic materials, living under the haze of the epidemic all day long, we urgently need everyone to extend a helping hand to help them survive the “epidemic situation.”

The foundation is fortunate to receive the help of charity, so that we can continue to help grassroots families in need to get enough anti-epidemic supplies. Thanks to charitable donations, many grassroots families can also get a little bit of warmth from the epidemic, and Hong Kong fights the epidemic together.

I am very grateful to “Buddhist Navigation Vihara Limitd .” for donating 96 cute owl dolls and 272 boxes of assorted shortcakes to school children so that we can continue to distribute materials to support families in need. Related materials have been sent to the partner organization for later distribution