Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation X Policy Donation Hong Kong


The ” LUA FOUNDATION LIMITED ” (referred to as the ” Policy Donation Hong Kong

“) and the “Hong Kong Life Insurance Practitioners Association” have been committed to promoting and promoting the “Policy Donation” since 2005. , I hope that more Hong Kong people will donate part of the insurance coverage of their life insurance policies to charitable organizations to open up a long-term and stable source of pledged charity income, create shared value for the society, and promote a culture of care.

Very Care Foundation has officially become an insurance policy donation support organization. From now on, you can donate insurance to us. If you want to donate to us through an insurance policy, you must first contact your financial planning consultant to change the policy beneficiary in the existing life insurance policy. Donating part of one percent of the insured amount to Very Care Foundation can help more grassroots families in need.

For details, please visit the website of “Life Passing Love Action-Policy Donation”: