Donation anti-epidemic materials- Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, although masks, hand sanitizers, and sanitizers and other anti-epidemic materials have been available in the market one after another, it is still difficult for grass-roots families to purchase, and the prices of materials are too high to afford.

But since the epidemic, the good leaders have been donating anti-epidemic materials to the children of the foundation, which shows that Hong Kong people are very loving. Once again, thanks to Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd for donating 40 boxes of Anti-epidemic proprietary Chinese medicines, 18 boxes of children’s masks, 16 boxes of adult masks, and 1,000 rapid test kits, so that the foundation can continue to assist grass-roots families in need. Get enough anti-epidemic materials and fight the epidemic together
All the materials have been sent to the institutions that cooperate with the foundation, and they have been distributed to the hands of the school children.