Sprout of Life Program

Amongst the 18 districts in Hong Kong, the top five districts with the highest poverty rate are New Territories North, Sham Shui Po, Yuen Long, Kwai Tsing and Kwun Tong. In view of above situation, this program decided to work with the schools which inside these districts.  Students are assessed individually and based on their unique situation, group counselling sessions are arranged to cater for their special needs.

The idea of the tree saplings similar to this program – students as the saplings, donors as the soil, and our Foundation as the tree trunk.  In order for the students to grow healthily, they receive water and nutrition from the donors through the tree trunk (ie. our Foundation).

In this program, the students were those who lack of financial support and having the special study needs. These difficulties may lead them to under-performance in school, or appears other emotional, behavioral and communication problems, hindering the students’ development socially and emotionally in the long run.

Through this program, students not only improve the above problems, but receive assistance in both of their academic and non-academic areas, such as interpersonal skills, self-confidence, positive thinking, etc. Students are the pillars of our future, we hope that they could contribute to the society and spreading love to other people in the future.