Donate Anti-epidemic Materials – Tablet & SIM Card

As the fifth wave of the epidemic is related to school closures in response to epidemic prevention measures, most schools have arranged homework and online teaching for students in order to suspend classes. Although it is convenient, many grass-roots parents are faced with the situation of unemployment, suspension of work and insufficient work. It is not easy to buy a tablet computer for their children to study. They need to use a large amount of online data. At the same time, some parents cannot afford the cost of broadband. .

Thanks to the charities GP31 and Ideal Radio Limited for understanding the needs of our school children, donating 28 Philips tablets and 28 120GB data cards to the foundation, which will be used in conjunction with the tablets donated to the foundation by GP31 earlier, giving them the opportunity Get a new tablet and data card for online learning, and online learning is no longer an obstacle under the epidemic

I hope the epidemic will pass soon, and all of us in Hong Kong can reply to the past
Live happily!