Donation of prevention supplies- Wellcome supermarket cash coupons\
Donated Amount: $261,500

Number of donations: 2715

COVID 19 causes a severe blow to Hong Kong’s economy, more low-income families bear the brunt. In epidemic masks, cleaning, disinfection, and epidemic prevention and other basic supplies are a luxury for them. Although the government has set up a fight against SARS epidemic Foundation grant of $ 5,000 per household to fight the epidemic  200,000 low-income families, due to the release date not yet determined, the face of vaccination buy supplies, food and clothing for family meals can not fail at the moment a quarter to get help


In addition to donating anti-epidemic supplies, the members of Ten-Percent Donation also hope that they can purchase enough food to give to cooperative organizations including the Hong Kong Chinese YMCA “Children ’s Diversified After-School Program”, The Boys’& Girls’Clubs Association Hong Kong“Walk with Children Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation” program, The Boys’& Girls’Clubs Association Hong Kong “Walk with Children Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation V” and Martha Boss Lutheran Community Centre “Ten Percent Childrenland”, the foundation allocated $261,500 to purchase 2715 $ 100 Wellcome supermarket cash coupons from Hong Kong Dairy Farm Company For low-income families of schoolchildren, each schoolchild receives a $ 500 cash voucher every month to address their urgent needs.


After the first round of issuance in April, the parents who received the cash voucher responded very thanked the Foundation for sending the to solve the needs of life. The Foundation will donate cash coupons for three months and hope to send materials and daily necessities in this epidemic. Give the families a little warmth and fight the epidemic together.