Donated – Schoolbag Donation

Schoolbags are a necessity for every student. Many parents will also buy new school bags for their children in the new school year to see the old and welcome the new. However, not all students are equally lucky. Because the epidemic has caused economic problems in most grassroots families, they are as small as a schoolbag. I can’t afford it either.
However, the foundation is very fortunate to receive 35 school bags donated to school children in partner institutions. Make children happy in the new school year and attend classes more attentively.

We are facing great difficulty. The difficulty is not the epidemic, but the serious economic crisis brought about by the “prevention” of the epidemic. Numerous industries have been shut down, and numerous large and small enterprises have been laid off or closed down. Many people are passing by. This, or is about to usher in a period of endless economic downturn.

Therefore, I sincerely thank the good people for helping the grassroots families in the epidemic situation. Every schoolbag represents care and warmth!