After-school Support Programs

After School Support Program

In recent years, the phenomenon of “monster parents” or “helicopter parents” helping their children “win at the starting line” has emerged in society, and has become a topic of heated discussion. However, at present in Hong Kong, many grassroots parents are low-educated and low-income laborers. They spend a lot of time every day in cross-regional employment, engaging in long-hours, irregular work or shift work, and have no time to accompany and take care of their children’s academic and living needs. . However, the hours and places of after-school childcare services provided by the government or non-profit-making organizations are limited, so that the grassroots children who cannot receive childcare services are forced to stay at home alone, which increases the chances of children having home accidents, and even hangs out on the streets, stadiums or Internet cafes. Situation, abandoned studies. For these children, they are just “losing at the starting line”, so that their academic and behavior are deteriorating.

In order to reduce the problem of intergenerational poverty and give underprivileged students the opportunity to “win at the final stage”, the Association promotes after-school support programs in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon City, Hung Hom and Tai Po to provide appropriate services to support those who lack care after school Grassroots students. This plan is a semi-retirement service, and the repose time is from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, which is different from the after-school tutoring class that generally only lasts more than one hour. The service organizations participating in the project provide homework assistance, group activities and dinner to school children in a safe and good environment, allowing them to complete their homework with the help of their tutors and participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities after dinner. Broaden horizons and boost self-confidence.

he planning team also regularly assigns an activity coordinator to supervise and monitor the operation of the team. On the one hand
Understand the situation of tutors and provide professional guidance, including: classroom management skills, study skills, school children
Behavioral and emotional handling skills; on the other hand, understand the after-school learning situation of each student, and can directly deal with and
Respond to the immediate needs and problems of school children. Since schoolchildren often have some behavioral or emotional problems
Teachers may not be able to deal with these problems, and the tutors need to take care of the learning of other students in the class, so
Event coordinators can be positive and positive.

In addition, the project team will have dedicated after-school care tutors to follow up the homework of the students. Every day, social workers or volunteers will lead the students to conduct group activities for one hour. Every school year, a graduation ceremony is arranged for students to invite parents to participate. Parents and children will have service exchanges, held twice a school year Outdoor activities/parent-child activities. Hold at least 1 parent seminar during the program period.

In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic, the project team has suspended the operation of the venue center due to the epidemic prevention situation. In view of this, the project team will continue to support project members online by using network technologies (such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.). These include but are not limited to: daily online homework support, weekly child development groups or activities, provision of Internet data cards, homework photocopying support, etc.

In 2021-2022, the Association is supporting about 115 grassroots students to participate in this project.