Donation of prevention supplies-SunMask

The epidemic lasted for a year. There was a lack of masks on the market. In the face of the fourth wave of the epidemic, the public was panicked and rushed for masks, various anti-epidemic supplies, and even daily necessities. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, everyone has been rushing to buy anti-epidemic materials, and the market has been out of stock and speculation from time to time. The epidemic continues, and the lack of epidemic prevention materials in grassroots families remains severe. In view of this, a group of benevolent people went out to search for mask production machines and set up factories in Hong Kong with their own funds, purchase raw materials and machines, and produce masks to solve the urgent needs of Hong Kong people



Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation is fortunate to have SunMask founder Mr. Sun Kwok Wah Peter MH donating 100 boxes of masks for middle-aged children and 62 boxes of masks for young children to school children in partner institutions.



I am sincerely grateful to the good people for contributing money to grassroots families in the epidemic, so that people in need can get a little warmth.



Hong Kong people come on, fight the epidemic together!