Donate Tablet PC-GP31

The sudden outbreak of the new crown pneumonia has suspended all schools in Hong Kong for more than half a year. Schools have introduced different online learning measures, which has taken a big step forward in the e-learning process. At the same time, students and parents have to respond quickly. However, for grassroots families, all-round home learning has caused many problems for them all at once.

Faced with unemployment, work stoppage and under-employment, it is not easy for grassroots parents to buy tablet computers for their children to study. But in times of difficulty, there are always enthusiastic people who stretch out their warm hands.


The foundation is very grateful to the charity “GP31”

GP31 is the 31st graduate of Yes Solution Ltd’s corporate course.

Referred to as GP31. It is a team of more than forty entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about public welfare. They get to know the foundation through the website and understand the needs of the children in our childcare program. Understand the e-learning required for “Suspending Classes without Suspending Learning” during the epidemic.

They donated to the foundation:

60 Lenovo tablets

(40 Wifi version, 20 Wifi+ card version)

This gives school children the opportunity to receive brand-new tablets for online learning. Online learning under the epidemic will no longer be an obstacle, and it can also help them meet their future e-learning needs