Donation of prevention supplies – 愛心天使義工

Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd
康和回收有限公司&Mr. Edmond Chung


Although the recent epidemic has eased slightly, we must not relax. We must wear a mask when we go out and wash our hands to keep personal hygiene away from bacteria, so anti-epidemic supplies are still a necessity in daily life. Recently, we have also received many donations from  kind people and we are responsible for the proper distribution of anti-disease products to various cooperative institutions, including:YMCA-「 Multi-talent Development Program」, The Boys’& Girls’Clubs Association Hong Kong- 「 Walk with Children Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation」& 「Walk with Children Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation V」, Martha Boss Lutheran Community Centre-「Ten Percent Childrenland」.

The Foundation is very grateful for good donations including:

Sewn 592 children’s cloth masks and 109 boxes of adult masks by hand, donated to school children and parents,The children’s cloth masks can be cleaned and used repeatedly, and kitchen paper or filter paper can be placed in the cloth masks enough to block bacteria and use in daily life.

Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd:

Donate 1,000 adult masks and 1,000 child masks to the foundation to give school children and parents so that they can get enough epidemic prevention equipment in the recent epidemic.

康和回收有限公司&Mr. Edmond Chung:
Donated 1200 boxes of milk to the foundation to help low-income families solve some of their life needs so that they have a strong body to fight against the epidemic

In difficult times able to deliver charcoal in the snow not easy at all. The Foundation is very grateful for the good donation and has their generosity to help low-income families solve their urgent needs.