Donation of prevention supplies – Masks

With the outbreak of the third wave of the epidemic, the number of confirmed cases has increased sharply in recent days, and large-scale cluster infections have occurred in various districts. After the government announced the implementation of the “restriction order” some time ago, it has also amended regulations to force all people to wear indoors and public places Masks. Therefore, the supply of masks has become tight again recently, making it difficult for many grassroots families to purchase masks and other anti-epidemic supplies. Fortunately, the foundation has been enthusiastic and kind enough to donate masks to partner organizations again, including: YMCA-「 Multi-talent Development Program」, The Boys’& Girls’Clubs Association Hong Kong- 「 Walk with Children Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation」& 「Walk with Children Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation V」, Martha Boss Lutheran Community Centre-「Ten Percent Childrenland」.


Charity donated 160 boxes of adult masks to the foundation to donate to school children and parents during the difficult period of the epidemic, to provide material assistance to the needy grassroots families to relieve the lack of masks and help them solve their urgent needs.


Thank you very much for your donation (in no particular order):


Jerry Kwok

Earvina Wong Shiang Nam

Christine Lee Man Nei

Van Hui

Ray Kam


Billy Wong

Pinky Leung

Lee Tik

Lui Chun Choi Andy

Lam Tsz Ho

Andy Liu

Iris Chung

Carin Chan

Mandy Pang

Lam Wai Chiu

Cheng Yim Hung Viola:


Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd:

And thank you very much Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd

Earlier, donated 20 boxes of adult masks and 20 boxes of children’s masks to our partner organizations. This month, Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd also donated 50 boxes of masks to grassroots families again, hoping to do our best to keep everyone in the epidemic. we also feel the human touch of Hong Kong and the spirit of mutual assistance.


In the face of repeated epidemics, we have experienced different studies and different summer vacations together. We hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible. Hong Kong people add oil !