Volunteer Recognition Certificate 2020

Thank you very much for the encouragement from the Social Welfare Department to the foundation. We received the-2020 Volunteer Movement Certificate from the Social Welfare Department:

Group Long-term Service Commendation Certificate
Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation

Long-term Service Certificate of Appreciation and Volunteer Appreciation Certificate:

Volunteer service for 15 years
Dr. So Chi Ming Stephen (Founder)
Mr. Sun Kwok Wah Peter, MH (Permanent Honorary President)
Mr. Chan Ying Leung Samuel (Vice Chairman)

Volunteer service for 10 years
Mr. Wong Hin Shek Hans (Permanent Honorary President)
Mr. Tsoi Man Po Manbo (Permanent Honorary President)
Mr. Ko Wai Lun Warren (Honorary Legal Advisor)
Ms. Yuen Wai Man Bonnie (Honorary Treasurer)

Volunteer service for 5 years
Mr. Chong Tin Lung Benny (Chairman)
Mr. So Tat Man David (Vice Chairman)
Ms. Chan Suk Yee Deon (Fundraising Committee Members)
Mr. Wong Tai Keung (Fundraising Committee Members)
Mr. Chiu Lon Ronald (Fundraising Committee Members)

Congratulations to the winning members
The foundation will continue to abide by its purpose and fully support schoolchildren’s education to get rid of poverty Provide after-school care and education services for schoolchildren.