Ten Percent & Catholic Diocese – Companion Growth Supportive Service

In October 2023, Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation successfully implemented the ” Ten Percent & Catholic Diocese – Companion Growth Supportive Service”, which is fully responsible for the foundation team, from planning, school contact, curriculum design, enrollment, recruitment of supervisors and mentors, volunteers and special course allocation Wait and take care of everything.

The program offers primary school students 2 to 3.5 hours of after-school support and growth planning services everyo day.

This year, we provide the services for 10 to 20 students in each primary school, and to support a total of 90 students across five schools.

The Catholic Diocesan primary schools participating in the program include (in no particular order):
Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School,
Shek Lei St. John’s Catholic Primary School,
Our Lady of China Catholic Primary School,
St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School., and
Ling To Catholic Primary School.

The purpose of the after-school support and growth service program is to help families in need, while parents can go out to work without worries. The program aims to strengthen the self-care ability of children and prevent accidents when they are left alone at home. It also helps prevent them from hanging out with the wrong crowd in their spare time. It helps to provide relief for the grassroots parents under pressure. The Foundation aims to subsidize the education of children from the low-income families in Hong Kong, provides them with a more comprehensive learning environment, prepare them for future development, and hope to improve the problem of intergenerational poverty.

In addition, 1 supervisor and 4 tutors carry out the following activities every day, we help the students by providing tutoring support and guidance, helping them to solve the difficulties they encounter in their subjects. Children should develop a balanced and regular learning pattern from an early age, and complete homework on time everyday. This will help them enhance their confidence and initiative in learning. In addition to helping students solve homework-related issues, we also attach great importance to the cultivation of personal qualities. Through regular communications between tutors and parents, we wish to understand other needs of students, hoping that