The foundation is fortunate to be sponsored by YAS Micro-Insurance for the ” Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation 2021 Mountaineering Fun for Kids ” activity and provide free hiking micro-insurance while participants hike for a good cause!
As long as you’re a “2021 Mountaineering Fun for Kids” participant, you can redeem HYKE MicroInsurance (5-trip package) for free.
Activate HYKE MicroInsurance when you’re starting your hiking trip and get real-time protection for up to 6 hours. You can even use the GPS tracked trip record in the YAS app as proof of your hike completion!

How to redeem free HYKE MicroInsurance?
Step 1: Once your participation form and donation has been received, the foundation will send out an exclusive link for your reference and registration for the free micro-insurance.
Step 2: Register your YAS account via our exclusive link
Step 3: Download YAS MicroInsurance App and login
Step 4: Before your hiking trip, open YAS MicroInsurance App and go to HYKE
Step 5: Tap “GO” to activate protection when you’re near the designated trails

We look forward to the active participation and generosity of good talents, so that the foundation can continue to assist grassroots families in need, thank you!