We are very grateful to Mrs. Chong for donating of toys, board games, plush dolls, etc. to the Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation.

These items will be donated to school children from low-income families, so that school children from low-income families can also experience the joy and fun brought by toys.

Toys not only bring joy to children, but also an important source of helping them grow up healthily and happily. However, for many low-income families, they often cannot provide enough toys for their children due to the high price of toys.

When the children in the family grow up, they may no longer be interested in certain toys. At this time, these toys can be given to grassroots families and school children in need. This not only allows these toys to be reused, reducing waste and environmental pollution, but also allows more children to share the joy and growth brought by toys.

Therefore, if you have unused toys at home, you may wish to consider donating them to those in need, It is environmentally friendly and meaningful. This is not only an act of environmental protection, but also a meaningful act of charity. Let us pay attention to the disadvantaged groups, so that every child can enjoy the happiness and growth brought by toys.