Annual Dinner 2024

At the end of the year, the members of the Ten Percent Donation Foundation invited the volunteers and mentors of the Peer-to-peer Growth Program to have dinner with gratitude. This opportunity allows us to put down the busy work, relax and enjoy a joyful and warm evening.

That night, the tutors and volunteers took their seats one by one. Whether they are tutors or volunteers, everyone is a valuable asset of the foundation. Their dedication and contribution are not only in work, but also in caring for society and people.

The tutors, with their wealth of knowledge and wisdom, provide the students with much valuable guidance and advice. The volunteers use their selfless dedication and enthusiasm to deliver love to those in need. These stories make us deeply feel the truth, goodness and beauty in life, and also inspire us to be more positive in work and life.

This dinner is a thank you and affirmation to the instructors and volunteers. Their presence and contribution make the working environment warmer and full of positive energy. We continue to work hard to provide relief and high-quality after-school learning support to low-income families and school children who lack family care.