Blink of an eye in the past year, very care Foundation this year has been eleven years old! Thank you for all your support for the past 10 years, without your goodwill and volunteer, we will not be able to help students get out of poverty. Care for the Foundation to create a variety of opportunities for vulnerable children.


This year, we participated in various courses and extracurricular activities that will help students develop their future. When we give the right opportunities and channels, students can release the infinite potential and creativity to shape our future.


Our program has different benefits for students from all walks of life, and we understand that many children need help and will continue to work hard. We are really grateful for the participation and support of everyone. Looking forward to the coming year and continue to contribute to our future.


The 10th Anniversary of the 2017 Annual Meeting was successfully concluded on September 8 (Friday) at the Hong Kong Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Center. Charity and charity supporters from different industries participated in the event and joined forces for the disadvantaged.


We are grateful to the Foundation for the support of our good people for many years. The Foundation will always maintain the principle of prudent financial management in order to support the education of the schoolchildren. I wish all of you good wishes and the next dinner.


Welcome to the charity party anniversary charity party 2017.