2023 Ten Percent & Catholic Diocese – Companion Growth Supportive Service – Christmas Visiting Activities

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Christmas is come again. Chairman Mr. Chong of the Ten Percent Donation Scheme Foundation, Mr. Xu and the volunteer team went to the school to participate in the Friendship Growth Program Christmas visit activity, continuing to bring the Christmas atmosphere of care and joy to grassroots students.

In addition to providing Happy Meals to every student, the Christmas party allowed them to enjoy delicious food and warm moments. In addition, we have also prepared DIY handmade Christmas stockings for them so that they can create their own Christmas decorations. More importantly, the volunteers specially designed a “Christmas Special Course” to allow students to participate in DIY rocket science exploration activities. Through such activities, children can not only improve their problem-solving abilities, but also stimulate their motivation and interest in scientific experiment learning. In this Christmas party full of laughter and warmth, the classroom became a happy world, full of joyful atmosphere.

The Foundation hopes that every student can have a happy and warm Christmas. Let us work together to illuminate this special festival with love and care, so that every student can feel endless joy and warmth. May the blessings of Christmas accompany you every day, and the hopes of the New Year illuminate the road ahead.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!