Donation of prevention supplies – Anti-epidemic

Faced with the improvement of the epidemic situation, we still cannot take it lightly. The government also stated that it expects the epidemic to continue to repeat itself, and it is more likely that the fourth wave of the epidemic will erupt in winter. It is also worried that many invisible patients are still spreading the virus in the community. Therefore, we must continue to strictly observe the social distance, and maintain Personal hygiene, always wear a mask, do not relax. Anti-epidemic supplies play an important role in this epidemic, but often anti-epidemic supplies are also luxury items for grassroots families.


But the Foundation is fortunate to have the help of all of you so that we can continue to help the grassroots families in need get enough anti-epidemic materials and work together to fight the epidemic.

Thanks to 宏富(亞洲)有限公司 and深圳前海華松資產管理有限公司 for donating 3,900 child masks a few days ago.

Thanks again to Caviar House & Prunier (HK) Ltd for donating 2,000 adult masks and 750 child masks again.

Let us continue to distribute supplies to support families in need. The relevant materials have been sent to the partner organization for later distribution.